Praise God that our team in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, found a new office/studio space. Please pray for a smooth move, as we still have quite a bit of work that must take place.

Maksim, 30, began to listen to FEBC broadcasts and wrote to us. “My parents did not love me, because my mother wanted a daughter, but I, the second son, was born. I am glad that she did not have an abortion. I bore this burden in my heart for years and want to be free […]

Please pray for Victor Akhterov, FEBC Russian Ministries’ director, who leads the team in Russia and Ukraine; due to many responsibilities, he also travels a lot. Pray for wisdom for Victor in his work and for strength and stamina from God. Also, pray for Victor’s family: his wife Oksana and their two sons, Dennis and Stephen.

“Thank you, friends, for your programs that help me in my life. I have learned many good things from your programs and apply it to my life every day. My husband is an intelligent and educated man and has a good job. Unfortunately, he drinks too much and does not want to stop. Please pray […]

Please continue to pray for FEBC’s efforts to raise funds for the Evangelism Center in Kiev, Ukraine, as we need more space to produce programs, videos, and “live” broadcasts for our Ukrainian and Russian listeners. We are planning to purchase a building this summer.

Please pray for Vadim Burlaka, our manager in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, and his staff. They produce programs in the Ukrainian language. Pray for God’s blessings and wisdom for Vadim’s work.

“Thank you, friends, for your prayers that work! God answers your prayers! I can see it in my brother’s life. Please continue to pray for him, especially for his health. Pray that God will completely heal him and bless his life.” FEBC’s listener from Ukraine.

Please pray for Rev. Oleg Shevkun, FEBC’s senior broadcaster in Moscow. He works successfully with non-Christian university students who participate in his programs. They read the Bible together and explore many new topics for themselves and listeners. Many of them became Christians through Oleg’s programs. Pray that God will continue to bless Oleg and his […]

Please pray for Eduard Kurilenko, the administrative director in Slavyansk, Ukraine, and his staff.  Eduard has many ministry responsibilities and works in various cities of Ukraine. Also, pray for Eduard’s family: they have four little children.

Ivan from Russia, 27, considers himself an atheist but likes to listen to FEBC broadcasts and talk to our hosts and pastors. Recently, he asked Pastor Evgeny some questions about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Pastor explained to him how he can receive forgiveness of his sins and salvation through Jesus. Please pray that Ivan […]