Please pray for Rudi Wiens who is overseeing FEBC’s ministry in Central Asia. Pray that God will bless all the staff there and their programs, so that many Muslims in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan will accept Jesus through their broadcasts.

Please pray for Pavel, 22, from Russia. Listening to FEBC broadcasts, he decided to go to church. Our staff helped him find an evangelical church in his city and have continued to have a relationship with him. Pray that Pavel will become a good Christian and serve the Lord. He likes FEBC broadcasts and listens […]

Please pray for Alexey Vlasihin, FEBC manager and program director in St. Petersburg, and all his staff. Pray for God’s blessings as they prepare online programs, so that many listeners will come to faith in God and serve Him.

Please pray that many non-believers will come to faith in God through our Good Friday programs.

Please pray for Maxim Shargaev, FEBC-Kiev program director. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for Maksim, so that many Ukrainians will come to faith in God through FEBC programs produced in Kiev.

Happy Easter, dear Friends! Please pray that thousands of our listeners will accept Jesus Christ by listening to our Easter programs. Glory to God for Jesus’ resurrection!

Please pray for Ulanbek Karypov, FEBC’s program director in Central Asia. Pray that God will give him wisdom and guidance in his work with staff and listeners. Also, pray for the health of his wife, Asyl, and their three children.

Two years ago, Elena from Moscow began to listen to FEBC broadcasts online. Recently, she asked our staff to help her find a good church. Now she attends an evangelical church in Moscow and continues to listen to FEBC programs. Please pray that Elena will commit her life to Jesus.

Please pray for Ruslan from our leadership team in Almaty, who is scheduled to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. We are very thankful for such a beneficial partnership between those two FEBC fields. There is much to learn from our Russian team.

Please pray for Vlad Iurtov, our broadcaster in St. Petersburg. Because of his programs and good advice, many listeners have accepted Jesus into their hearts and are now attending evangelical churches.